“Culture is generative by nature. Artists and creative catalysts contribute to larger structures that serve as the breakwater against the currents of utilitarianism and commodification that erode our humanity. In recent times, the arts have been seen as useful to the economy- but that surely misses the point of why we need to care for culture. Evaluating the arts based on an economic metric makes utility the bottom line, distorting our vision of the world that ought to be. “

-Makoto Fujimura

In my performing arts career to date,  I have had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of non-profit and for-profit arts entities, in multiple capacities. My experience in  complex global art institutions has facilitated my professional growth, and as a next step, I hope to leverage that experience to support the growth and sustainability of cultural organizations more broadly. I have spent the last decade of my life cultivating my practice as an artist and educator, but it is my goal to become a steward of the fine arts; a cultural curator and a strategist for the future of creatives.

With this mission in mind, I am launching a major passion project: Dance on Air: The Podcast.  This podcast will be a journalistic enterprise devoted to anything and everything dance: interviews, reviews, commentary and more. It will discuss multiple industry initiatives with professionals and partners from all corners of our creative dance community. Dance on Air is dedicated to enriching the ecology and sustainability of the dance community at large. The primary purpose of this endeavor is to expand and cultivate a richer, more valuable dance experience for all. Kick your feet up and take a listen.

Thank you for the generosity you bestow on yourself, with your community and most importantly, with your creativity. May you thrive.


-Jordan McHenry